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Jeff Cooper

"Dear Tony


I just wanted to say thank you for the week we have just spent with you in Algodanales doing the CP course. Your knowledge of paragliding, the weather and local sites was very impressive. Our safety was always of paramount importance and if the conditions were not right or changed you moved us to another site. For me, one of the highlights had to be the black art of "ground handling"!

We went to the lake on an un-flyable day, where all 6 students struggled for an hour. After which, you gave a brief demo, you made ground handling "hilariously " simple! :) within 30 mins we all had it cracked.

Many thanks Tony, really look forward to flying with you again. But not listening to your music in the van lol

Seriously though, I would recommend any budding paragliding pilots to avail themselves of your knowledge and experience as they would be in safe hands.




Jeff Cooper"

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paragliding northern Ireland | Paramotor Northern Ireland |

Steve Scruton

"Tony has helped me on many occasions during trips in Southern Spain where his knowledge and friendly manner made for safe and enjoyable flights. He is able to bring years of experience to the situation and impart knowledge with an easy charm."

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The Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre instructors have knowledge and skills gained over many years through flying, teaching and competing in locations all over the world.  Being a new school does not mean our service is anything but excellent.  Four years of experience in the busiest BHPA school in the world brings a wealth of knowledge that is regarded as second to none.

Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre provide paragliding & paramotoring lessons, and can supply equipment from all the best manufacturers.  We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure students can learn and progress at a pace and environment that is conducive to learning.  Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre assures clients that we will unreservedly provide unbiased and honest information on training and equipment.  The CPC ethos is about making the experience of flying a joyful and memorable one whilst at the same time ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients.

All our teaching is undertaken on hills that have been risk assessed to ensure client safety and also to reduce all risk of injury.  All our equipment is regularly inspected by qualified technicians to ensure that it complies with our stringent safety brief. We teach all year round, weather permitting and will offer every opportunity to complete your training in a timely yet professional manner.

On certain occasions (numbers permitting) we will offer to arrange training in a sunnier climate at sites that offer safe and consistent flying conditions in; Spain and Portugal. 

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