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Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre - Paramotoring holidays and guide trips in Spain and Ireland.

Paramotor Hill/tow to power conversion and beginner training, e of school equipment included .  If training in Spain, airport transfers and self catering accommodation is included.  (terms and conditions for use of school equipment.

BHPA Beginner Paramotor Cost:

Locally £950.00  ( nrmally12 days over several weeks depending on weather and other factors)

Spain £1950.00 - (12 days over two weeks)

Guided Paramotor Holiday Spain: £1050.00 (one week, aiming for six days flying weather permitting)

BHPA Hill/tow to CP Power conversion £1050. (one week, aiming for 6 days training weather permitting)

Call CFI, Tony Conway for more information and dates.  00447729549163


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Paramotor Beginners Cost: £950.00

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Paramotor Conversion Cost: £450.00

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