Paramotor Beginners Cost: £799.00


Paramotor training is different to paragliding due to the fact that we are introducing power to the equation.  The bonus is that flights are undertaken from flat a field thus eliminating the need for walking up hills.  Nevertheless you will be carrying a 20+kg motor on your back so this can be tiresome and challenging.  There are two types of paramotor training both leading to the  BHPA CP Power Rating.  The first is where a qualified paraglider pilot want to learn to paramotor so has already gained many of the skills necessary for flying.  This course is called the BHPA Hill to CP Power conversion.  Normally pilots who are current and have decent ground handling skills can expect to complete this in 2-4 days.  

Paragliding Conversion Course (Hill - Tow)

Beginner to CP Power takes around 10-12 days depending on the person being trained.  Once again the cost of the course covers the full training days regardless of the length of time to complete.  Paramotor training is all about ground control and being able to make good decisions.  Students have to complete several ground training exercises, pass a couple of simple multiple choice exams and complete a minimum of five powered flights to achieve this rating.  Please don’t worry about the assessments we will make sure you have the knowledge required prior to taking them, they’re not difficult.

Paramotor Beginners Cost: £799.00

Paramotor Conversion Cost: £299.00


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