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Billy Baird - England

"I met Tony a few years back in Spain when he was teaching in Algodonales. He always had time to help any student with any aspects of paragliding and has a massive amount of patience and a very calming and professional demeanor which immediately put you at ease. I will definitely see him in Ireland one day and wish him all the success in the world with his new paragliding venture."

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Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre is committed to providing first class lessons in Paragliding and Paramotoring.  The majority of sites used to teach students of Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre are managed by The Ulster Hanggliding & Paragliding Club and we encourage all students to join.  This way you get to meet new and old pilots alike and you get lots of free advice.   The British Hanggliding and Paragliding Association are the governing body for our sports in the UK and we are an affiliated school.  This means you will be taught using a syllabus that has been developed over many years through input from the best pilots in the country.  Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre guarantees high standards of excellence when it comes to any service we provide.

Colin Palmer - UK

"flew a lot with Tony in Spain and he was the most patient and reassuring instructor I ever had. His calm manner gave me confidence in the air, getting just the right balance between keeping a close eye on what I was doing and giving me enough freedom to learn from experience as well as from his tuition.


As well as being an excellent instructor he was great company and very good at building group cohesion"

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August 23, 2017

Aidan, Belfast

"I really enjoyed my first paragliding experience with Tony at Cloudstreet Paragliding. He gave good, clear instructions and I found him to be friendly and extremely patient.  He was able to answer all of my questions comprehensively and it was immediately obvious that he has a huge amount of experience. I was very happy to have an instructor who was not only intensely-focused on the safety of the students, but also determined to squeeze as much into the Taster Day as possible.

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paragliding in the Mournes

August 23, 2017

Rick McWilliams, Lisburn

"Participated in a taster day with Tony having no previous flying experience. Its great to meet an instructor who is very enthusiastic to teach and share his knowledge, skills and experience on the sport. Tony runs the course at your own pace and is happy to answer all your questions. By the end of the day I did my first flight and a few more after that. Will definitely be carrying on with the sport and would recommend Tony as an instructor to anybody interested in the sport."


Best Regards


Ricky McWilliam

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Paragliding & Paramotoring in Ireland

August 23, 2017

Colin Loughney - Co Mayo

"Recently I had Tony as my instructor for a "paragliding taster day". I had paramotoring in mind, but I soon learned from Tony that ground handling skills were paramount. He guided us through all the safety aspects first, before introducing us to the equipment. 

We spent the first part of the day learning to get the wing successfully into the air and back down again, before moving onto our first gentle hops.

Then the wind favoured us moving up the hill for short flights. Tony was very helpful, and i found his in flight radio communication extremely reassuring.

I would highly recommend Tony as an instructor and i am sure i will be back very soon."

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August 31, 2017

Mickey Fleming - Lettershandoney

"Brilliant day at Benone with a master instructor with the patience of a saint...Even in the face of danger I could hear that cool, calm and collective voice instructing me out of it..and climbing to a safe height setting up for my 360 to come back down the beach Tony's instructions were 5 seconds in front of my actions which made the manoeuvre simple..he can build confidence in a person in a short space of time, he explains what he wants you to do then he also demonstrates which is a pleasure to watch... Very memorable day...."

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Cloudstreet Paragliding
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