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Billy Baird

"I met Tony a few years back in Spain when he was teaching in Algodonales. He always had time to help any student with any aspects of paragliding and has a massive amount of patience and a very calming and professional demeanor which immediately put you at ease. I will definitely see him in Ireland one day and wish him all the success in the world with his new paragliding venture."

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Paragliding Taster Day £130.00

This allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of paragliding without committing to a full course.  You will get an introduction to the equipment and spend some time learning basic ground skills and hopefully get your feet off the ground.  If conditions are right, we may even take you on a tandem flight. 


If you decide to enrol on our full CP course we will deduct the taster day from the course cost.

Overview of typical taster day

We meet at the chosen site around 10.00.  The day begins with an introductory talk. After this we sign you up as a temporary member of the BHPA.  The cost of the temporary membership is included in your fee but if you decide to sign up for a whole course then you will have to take out a one year membership.  

Even from early on day one you will be connected to the glider learning the basics of pre-flight checking and ground control. We then move on to simulated launches and landings if weather conditions allow we will move to a slope and begin the process of launching on landing.  These small hops are the grounding for all flight and are very important and we aum to have you doing short solo hops by the end of your day.

Health & Age

A certain degree of fitness is required as you will be running short distances to get the glider above your head to get airborne.  We will ask you sign a declaration of fitness before commencing activities. Children under 14 years cannot fly solo.  Anyone over 18 can sign the self-certify health questionnaire but if you have a health conditions we may require a GP to sign the certification for you.

What can I expect to achieve?

You will learn a lot on a taster day and hopefully leave with a feeling of accomplishment and the desire to continue in the sport. Having in the sport since 1999 it still exhilarates us and every flight is different which keeps us always wanting more.

When can I take the training?

Taster days are offered on Saturdays or Sundays but there will be opportunities for mid-week training if that is more convenient.  As a taster you will be either in a small group or taught on a one-to-one, but either way you will be in expert hands. 

Payment.  If you would like to avail of this excellent opportunity please visit out taster day web page and pay the amount via Paypal.  Or if you prefer you can transfer the fee directly to our account.  Please ask for the bank details if this is your choice.

Once your payment is confirmed your instructor will contact you to arrange a suitable day and discuss in more detail about the day.  Please feel free to call to us anytime via phone or email.


Colin Palmer

"flew a lot with Tony in Spain and he was the most patient and reassuring instructor I ever had. His calm manner gave me confidence in the air, getting just the right balance between keeping a close eye on what I was doing and giving me enough freedom to learn from experience as well as from his tuition.


As well as being an excellent instructor he was great company and very good at building group cohesion"

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