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Tandem flight from Slieve Donard Tony Conway and his son

Tandem flight costs £130.00 per person. At most sites, we can drive to take off. At others, a short walk from the car park may be necessary. 

Sample the joys of flying in the safe hands of our experienced instructors.  You can experience the glorious feeling of flying like a bird in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.  You can view the countryside from a whole different perspective, it will blow your mind!  We will try to get you as high as possible, but this depends on the weather on the day.  You do not need and flying experience to enjoy this flight, all you need is a sense of adventure.  THE Location of the tandem flight will be decided by your instructor, who will give you directions to the site and agree a meeting time. It is important to be punctual as the window to fly can sometimes be narrow.  Your instructor will give you a full briefing on the flight and what to expect during launch and landing.  The instructor will chat to you in the air, it is normally quiet and you will be able to communicate easily.  If conditions are good and you are comfortable he may allow you to take the controls for some instructional flying.  Don't worry, he can easily take control back if you get nervous.  Although the duration of any paragliding flight cannot guaranteed due to the weather, we will endeavour to keep you up for as long as possible.  Regardless, you will be elated and have an experience that you won't forget.

You need to call the mobile number supplied when you booked.  Do this the evening before the arranged date  to get an update on the weather conditions and a start time for the following day.  Normal start time is around 10.00am but this could change. 

What you need to bring:

Warm clothes; hat, gloves, jacket, boots with ankle protection (no wellies or flip-flops lol), bring a lunch and a flask of tea if you like.  Fluid such as water or juice.  Unfortunately all our sites are on hillsides and toilets are scarce...


You can expect to be on site for 2-3 hours but be prepared to be flexible as the weather ultimately calls the shots.

All equipment required for the flight will be provided for you.

You do not need to be super-fit to fly, but you do need to be able to run a few metres just to get off the ground.  Please ensure you are in good health and please do call the office prior to booking if you are unsure about your physical health. 

Weight and Age
There are no age limits for tandem paragliding. We have experience of flying with all ages from 12 to 75.  Children or young adults under 18 years will need parental consent.  The appropriate form will be sent once booking is paid for. 

Our weight limit for tandem flights is 15 stone.  This is due to the limitations of the equipment and pilot/passenger safety.


Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre operates every day that the weather is suitable. If by any chance you arrive on site and your flight cannot take place that day, you will be offered another date at no extra cost.  Remember, this is an adventure sport and the weather plays a big part in the decision to fly or not.

The tandem gift vouchers cost: £130.00 (Valid for 12 months from date of purchase) Vouchers and terms & conditions will be emailed to buyer once payment is confirmed.

This is a photo of my old dog Harry enjoying a tandem flight from Slieve Donard. 

Tandem Experience Gift Vouchers

Contact Cloudstreet for more information on booking a tandem experience.

Tandem Experience Gift Vouchers

Due to a backlog of Tandem flights we are no longer accepting bookings for tandem experience.  Apologies for any inconvenience. 

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