Adam Moores

"Tony's perseverance in getting me safely through my CP course was truly heroic along with being kind and good fun. He will find that inner pilot you knew you had but couldn't quite reach."

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Paramotor Training

Choosing the right school for paramotor tuition is crucial for students as is finding an experienced instructor with appropriate  insurance cover.    Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre make it easy for you by giving you all the information you need, why not try a paramotor "day taster" before deciding to enrol on a full course.  The taster day will be credited towards your full course if you choose to continue training with us.   Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre is a paramotor school on the island of Ireland accredited by BHPA and our instructors are fully licensed to teach and award the Power rating.

We teach to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association's syllabus for Foot Launched Powered Aircraft (FLPA).  There is a good argument that says the best paramotor pilots are those that learn to fly their paraglider first, and then get introduced to the element of power. However, if you only ever intend to fly paramotors, you don’t have to complete the full Paragliding Club Pilot Certificate course. Paramotor syllabus can be viewed Here