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Murray Roussel

"I was trained by Tony through my original EP course and once qualified in an incredible CP+ week. His friendly and encouraging style helped build my confidence and taught me so much in a short time. I would highly recommend Tony for all levels and I will be coming back for more asap, as there is always more to learn."

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Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre has several options for people interested in paragliding or paramotoring.  Many people come to paragliding with a clear idea of which course they want to do.  Our main priority is the safety of our students and protecting the sport we love so much.  This is why we assess conditions and student health prior to each flying day and before each and every flight.  Each flight will be only undertaken after a thorough weather, site and pre-flight check has been carried out by you and your Instructor.  Obviously, as with all sport, there is risk of harm.  Our assessment of flying conditions will reduce the risk to a practicable level.  This means training may be delayed, postponed and on occasion cancelled if safety considerations dictate.  Having been involved in recreational and professional flying for many years and training students from beginner to cross country level, we pride ourselves on our expertise at assessing weather, site or other environmental conditions.

Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre encourages all prospective clients to do their research before choosing a training school.  We believe Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre offers customers first class attention from instructors who have gained considerable international flying and training experience with some of the best pilots on the Planet.  


Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre professional service in both paragliding and paramotoring training within Ireland.  View our Chief Flying Instructor Tony Conway’s profile Here.  Tony brings years of experience from flying around the world as a recreational, professional and competition pilot to your doorstep.

Courses and Training

Paragliding Taster Day

This allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of paragliding without committing to a full course.  You will get an introduction to the equipment and spend some time learning basic ground skills and hopefully get your feet off the ground.  If conditions are right, we may even take you on a tandem flight.   For full course description and cost click Here

Elementary Pilot Certificate

The basic paragliding qualification that every pilot needs to complete.  From ground handling skills to completing easy solo flights, the EP is the cornerstone of learning to fly.   Full course description and cost click Here

Club Pilot Novice 

The Club Pilot (CP) follows Elementary Pilot and is the qualification you need in order to fly outside the school. When you complete your CP you can fly in a club environment and are ready to progress to more advanced qualifications. The training introduces more advanced flying skills, like exploring the speed range, speed bar and rapid descent techniques of your paraglider.  For full course description and cost click Here


Paramotor Beginner  to Flying Solo

This course takes the total novice from the ground up, excuse the pun.  You will begin by learning the basics of paragliding as this is the basis for paramotoring.  Students will cover all aspects of the Elementary Pilot Certificate before progressing to using the power unit.  The complete course will take 8 to 10 days.  For full course description and cost click Here

Paramotor Conversion Course

If you already have your paragliding CP Hill or Tow qualification you can easily gain your paramotor rating by undertaking a short conversion course. The paramotor tuition is normally 3 to 5 days and will build on the skills you have achieved through paragliding.  If students are current it is normal to start training from a flat field immediately.  For those who have not been paragliding for a long time then we will go to a training hill and complete some low level-flights just to refresh your memory.  For full course description and cost click Here

Tandem Flight

If you would like to experience the thrill of tandem flying on a paraglider flying then a tandem may be a good choice for you.  Soaring above the Sperrins, Mournes or one of our fantastic coastal sites.  Tandem flights are a great way to get a taste of paragliding and to find out if you are one of the people who would like to take it to the next level.  For full description and cost click Here

Note: In order to train with us at the Cloudstreet Paragliding Centre you must be a member of the British Hangliding and Paragliding Association.   Membership  is £99.00 per year and an initial administration fee of £21.00 allows you to join any club in the UK  and also gives you public liability insurance.  These fees apply to EP, CP and paramotor courses only.  There are concessionary prices for over 60s, students and families.  For more information on the BHPA click Here

Alan Kearns - Ireland

"I  met Tony when I was doing my first paragliding course in Spain a couple of years ago.  Tony is a great person and a great instructor.  Tony Made the learning experience with his easy nature and made sure his students had a firm grip of the fundamentals of paragliding.  One of the best instructors I have met and the patience of a saint."

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